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Merlin's Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds

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Merlin's Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds (Dec. 19, 2013)  -Paperback Book
Price: $16.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Offering a unique approach to spiritual integration and self-mastery, Merlin's Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds presents techniques
to release karmic ties, integrate past life information, understand galactic karmic imprints, and attain mastery by reawakening your divine gifts.

Based on author Margaret Doner's twenty years of experience as an
angelic channel, past life regression therapist, and healer, this guide challenges you to awaken and remember knowledge that may be deeply buried within your soul.  From angels to demons, Merlin's Handbook
for Seekers and Starseeds
touches upon all these topics and more as it assists you step by step to release fear and return to mastery.

Doner offers personal vignettes and clients' stories to reinforce the idea that only by sharing what we experience with one another do we draw closer and learn how to love without judgment.  With exercises to expand awareness, Merlin's Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds can help you learn to trust yourself, your heart, your intuition and your common sense.  It is about growing up and taking responsibility for your choices.  It is about learning to love more deeply and awaken a compassion for yourself and others.  

Merlin's War: The Battle between the Family of Light and the Family of Dark

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Merlin's War: The Battle between the Family of Light and the Family of Dark (April 2012)  -Paperback Book
Price: $16.00 (includes shipping & handling)

This book examines the fact that the history of the human race has been manipulated by a being so clever that we have had no idea he exists.  In fact, he has hidden behind Lucifer-but Lucifer is not our devil. Much of what has been told to the human race has been designed to keep the truth at bay.  Whose purpose did it serve to keep the human race unaware of its own origins and ignoring huge pieces of obvious evidence because there is no logical explanation for it?  It certainly did not serve the human race. Merlin is thought of by most humans as a simple embodiment of the wizard. Merlin's War reveals that he is much more; he is a powerful Creator God who is responsible for creating the human template and seeding life on the Earth.  Moreover, Dracula is thought of as a fictional vampire, when he is, in fact, the being we call Satan, responsible for creating war and chaos on Earth and in other galaxies.  There are two points of view to this story, and in order to be fair author Margaret Doner has agreed to tell both sides. Merlin's War posits that it is time for the playing field to be evened out.  The Family of Dark has been in control for too long; it's time for the Family of Light to move beyond the fear that has kept them enslaved.

Wisdom of the Archangels

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Wisdom of the Archangels (December 2010)  -Paperback Book
Price: $25.00

Challenging and insightful, "Wisdom of the Archangels" contains information honed from many hours of private channeling sessions. Through Margaret Doner the Archangels share their perspectives on such topics as: Individual Karma and Forgiveness, Tasks of the Starseeds, Working with the Divine Feminine, Pleiadian Perspectives and the role of the Seekers. The author says, "Through many private channeling sessions my clients and I have been pushed to awaken to our 'other selves,' to release the illusion of linear time, and to remember that we are multi-dimensional beings alive on many planes of existence. It is liberating. It is exhilarating. It is truly who we are.

Archangels Speak DVD

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Archangels Speak (2007)  full-length DVD  (60 min)
Price: $24.95

This program includes a fascinating channeled experience and an angelic
meditation.  Archangels offer their words and ideas through Margaret Doner.
Guests also ask questions of the angelic realm, giving us the opportunity to
better understand how the Archangels view being human.

Archangels Sing CD

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Archangels Sing CD
Price: $15.00

Angelic channel, Margaret Doner, and musician, Jamie Walker, team up to
offer words and music from the angelic realm to inspire and soothe the soul.
They are joined by soprano Vallerie Legeay as well as other guests as they
express the energies of the various Archangels.  

Archangels Speak Paperback book

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Archangels Speak (Paperback Book)
Price: $13.95

Can Angels hear our thoughts?  How do angels view death?  Can they really
save our lives?  "Archangels Speak" answers these and many other questions.

The Children of Angels

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The Children of Angels
A Modern Day Fairy Tale  (Paperback Book)
Price: $14.95

..."Do you want to hear the story of Archangel Uriel and Arielís children?"
Metatron asked.  Like any good human I was both intrigued and frightened
by the experience.  My curiosity won out and so he began to relay to me the
story of Serena and Angie, and their lives on Earth in human form."...

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